Easy Six

Don't you need to get that?
Pack, it 's Frank.
Hey, Sally's coming home
for Christmas.

Yeah. She said you found her.
Why didn't you call me and tell me?

Because she wanted
to be the one to tell you.

That 's what l figured.

l just can't tell you
how much l appreciate it.

.Oh, it 's nothing.
.Pack, are we going to...

What was that?
You got somebody there?

Don't be ridiculous.
You got lucky!
You got lucky! There's somebody
with you, isn't there?

You know l'm not like that, Frank.
The rabbit 's foot worked!
Hey, let me talk to her.
l don't think that 's a good idea.
Come on.
Put the phone up to her ear.

Hi, sweetheart.
What 's your name, honey?
Come on.
"Talk to me","baby."

l have to go now, Frank.

You didn't tell me
you'd call Frank.

lt doesn't matter. l would just
like to have been more prepared.

You're treating the text like
it 's dead, lrv...

and that you're the only one
qualified to do the postmortem.

l... l have more respect
for the form...

You have more respect...

Milton enslaved his daughters
to read for him after he went blind.

Doesn't that outrage you?