I'm just developing my portfolio right now,
doing random projects.

What's a portfolio?
It's when you put together pictures
to present your work.

-Get into galleries, stuff like that.
-What kind of work?

Anything. Like, portraits mainly.
-Like, naked people?

Want us to get naked with you,
take our picture?

No. I'm not for the outdoor-naked thing.
Public nudity is.... No.
-No, we won't do that.
-All right, man.

Yeah? Okay, good.
You're too kind.
All right, let's go.
Be a little happier. Come on.
There you go.
Kind of look away.
Make a funny face.
One more.
Yeah, good. Keep walking.
Maybe one kiss.
Perfect. All right,
I actually gotta get to school.

-My name's Caroline.
-Nice to meet you. I'm Eli.

-Nice to meet you, too.
-What's up?

I'll give you guys a print
the next time I see you, or whenever.

-I'll try and make one today.
-All right. See you later, man.

All right, Dad, you stay here.
Paul will come pick you up.