Yeah. See, this is a good topic here.
Go ahead.

Because apparently the farmers can't tell
if the rams are gay or not.

So you get a ram to breed and it's not...
so they waste a lot of money.
So they're doing all this research.

They spend, like, $10,000 on a ram.
That's a lot of money for one ram.
But the scary thing is
if they know what causes homosexuality...

is that something you could change,
something you could remove?

There's all this
weird political stuff around it.

I don't think we're talking about
the change, necessarily.

We're talking about
if we notice somebody on the street...

if we can tell they're gay.
I don't think you can.

How in the world do we know their spirit?
If they wear one of those bracelets,
the rainbow and stuff, that's a giver.

Somebody walking on the street,
all dressed up, wearing high heels--

Rainbow bracelets don't necessarily mean
that you're gay.

I've never seen anybody wear one
that isn't gay.

-Me, for example.
-Then why would it even matter?

You're wearing a bracelet
and you're not gay. Who cares either way?

-What time will you be back?
-Right around 1 :30 p.m.

Here's the deal.
Aaron and I and some of the other boys...
we're gonna go fourbying later today.
We were wondering if maybe you would
like to bring some of the girls along.

Don't you remember
what happened last time?

-Of course. How could I forget?
-With Sara and Jessica?

-Sara and Jessica, they're....
-Don't be mean.

I never tease you about Jason
and his hot dogs, or whatever.

That was an isolated incident.
Besides, I don't know if I can go.
I don't know what time I'll get home.
-Home from the appointment?

Does that, by any chance, have to do with...
when we went camping,
two or three weeks ago?

I don't know. It could be anything.