We all just have different talents
That's all.

Seems like everyone else
Have the same talents
except for me.

You... you have, you have lots of
Talents, uh...

Special talents in fact, like
Um, uh...

Special talents?
You changed the batteries in the
smoke detector.

You sure did... aaa's.
And in six months, you'll have
to check'em again...

Won't he?
And you're the only baritone in
the elf choir.

You bring us down whole octave.
In a good way.
See, buddy?
You're not a cotton-headed ninny-

You're just... special.
And so, buddy was sent where the...
The special elves work.

Devilish laughter aah!
(Pop goes the weasel playing
Laughter ah!
(Pop goes the weasel playing
Hey, foom foom...
I hate to do this to you, but you
Think you could

Help me pick up the slack on those

No problem. I appreciate it.
Buddy is killing me.
I already got lum lum and choochoo pulling' doubles.
That was quick thinking yesterday
With that ¡°special talents¡± thing.
Ming Ming: I feel bad for the guy.
I just hope he doesn't get wise.
Well, if he hasn't figured out
He's a human by now,

I don't think he ever will.
Foom foom: If he hasn't figured
Out he's a human

By now, I don't think he ever will.
I think they're too small.
Ming Ming: You're just... special.