Face of Terror

- Let's go.
- Nick.

I've been looking for you.
- You're a violent man, Mr...
- Harper.

I'm Faith Harper's brother, Nick.
How is Faith?
I was hoping you would tell me.
I'm afraid I can't.
Or you won't.
You're a stranger here.
Be careful who you pick a fight with, Nick.
I go where the fight takes me.
You have a fight with me?
I don't know that yet.
We should go, Nick.
Timmons, watch your back.
Thank you, Mr. De Pablo.
I guess the suit doesn't make the man.
It might be the wrong suit.
It looks like we may have a problem.
- Did you enjoy the show?
- It was a little flashy for me.

You prefer Levi's.
Do you know where Natalie is?
Hi, Natalie.
This is Faith's brother, Nick Harper.
He wants to ask you some questions.
Is Faith all right?
You know Faith has been missing
for over a month.

Do you have any idea where she might be?
Oh, my God.
After Jessica died,
I thought she went back to the States.

Did you know Faith was using heroin?
"CariƱo," this is very serious.
Please tell us what you know.

- Her life might be in danger.
- We all party.