But, uh...
- But what?
- But eight digits.
- Yikes.
- And unlike the front door,

we have to hit the vault's combination
on the first three attempts.

- Three failed attempts drops the alarm.
- Exactly.

And the safe defaults to dead-set,
then no one gets in.

The vault company has to come
and reprogram
a whole new combination.

- Any way
of bypassing the keypad?

- Uh, no way... not without burning
a big, ugly hole to get at the guts.

- So, what are you thinking?
Warning, warning, warning.
- You're going in twice,
aren't you?

- Now you go to the front
of the class, Leo.

- Wow, you downloaded
all these recipes from the Internet?

- Yeah. My favourite
is the, uh, Hawaiian chicken,

because I-I love
canned pineapple.

- Me too. Ha-ha!
We have so much in common.

It's uncanny.
- Um, would you like
a copy of the recipe?

Everything seemed
to turn to gold and such

Well you must be
The queen of alchemy
You changed me
through and through

- Maybe we could go back
to your place and print it out?

My name is Sandi.
- I'm, I'm... I'm Larry.
- Hi, Larry.