- So, then, we pulled the security
tapes from Hamish Jewellery

and, you know,
I could swearthe guy

with the glasses
and the Polaroid is you.

It's not much to go on, I know,
but it was enough
for a search warrant.

Nothing usable.
- Left it nice and tidy.
- Yeah.

- You black or white?
- Black.
- You are in trouble, Kevin.
White's closing in
from all sides

and you are still
playing offence.

You're too cleverforyour own good,
if you ask me.

- I didn't.
- Hi.
- Move. Where's Leo?
You know, for a genius,
you really can act
like an idiot, you know that!

- You said the cops
wouldn't be back!

- So you came here? You've been
followed before, Einstein!

- How smart was it to flag me
in the first place, huh?

- You could have blown
the whole job!

- I'm done down there, Kenny,
you can lock it back up.

- All right, fine.
- Leo protects his wine
like other people protect their money.

Thought I told you don't move.
- And you can keep
your damn souvenir diamonds.