Freddy Vs. Jason

My reign of terror
was legendary.

Dozens of children
would fall by my blades.

Then the parents of Springwood
came for me...

taking justice
into their own hands.

When I was alive, I might
have been a little naughty...

but after they killed me,
I became something much,
much worse--

the stuff nightmares
are made of.

The children
still feared me...

and their fear gave me the power
to invade their dreams.

And that's when the fun
really began!

Until they figured out
a way to forget about me...

to erase me completely!
Being dead wasn't a problem.
But being forgotten--
now, that's a bitch!

It's only a dream!
Die, motherfucker!
I can't come back
if nobody remembers me!

I can't come back
if nobody's afraid!

I had to search the bowels
of hell...

but I found someone...
who'll make 'em remember.

He may get the blood,
but I'll get the glory.

And that fear is my ticket home.