Friends and Family

Bravo, Maestro.
You were

Oh, boys.
Where's Max?
My bodyguard.
He's not out here.
You got a bodyguard?
Make enemies
with the wrong people...

How's your pop,

He's good,
real good.

He listens to your records
all the time.

Pardon my eating
like this, boys.

15 minutes, Mr. Ricci!
Boys, excuse me.
My love to your parents.
I mean that.
Boys, I said
please excuse me.

You gamble
too much, Maestro.

Even money you don't have,
you lose,

borrow to pay it back.
And the worst part is,
you end up owing
your friends money.

What the hell
is it to you?

You were supposed to pay
Victor Patrizzi $40,000

in August.
It's now September.
To treat a man
like Don Patrizzi in this way,

well, it shows
a lack of respect.

I should give
an asshole like that respect?

Do you have any money with you?
You usually carry a blank check.
This is what
Patrizzi sends me,

a couple of fairies
in diapers?
Now, you listen
to me, girls.

You tell Victor Patrizzi
he'll get his money

when I'm good and ready!
Now get out
before Max throws you out.

Relax, Maestro.
Breathe through your nose.
The blank check,
where is it?

Through your nose,