may have been absconded with...
which, as you can imagine,
would be to the dismay of our prosecutor.

I think...
But I could be wrong about this because
it's almost too stupid for a mind to grasp.

But I think maybe someone...
in your professional community...
might be participating
in these shenanigans...

to, I don't know...
help squeeze a little friendship...
altruism, whatever,
out of this particular federal official.

Maybe in the hopes that Starkman...
will wake up one morning...
And wake up one morning
to find all charges mysteriously dropped.

The school of thought of my colleagues
is that this kid is already way out of town.

I alone am of the opposite school.
I think he's still here. That's what I think.

But what's important is what you think.
What do you think?

As a friend who's got his ear to the street.

- I never... You know...
- I know.

You don't know nothing.
I can tell just by looking at you.
The whole thing's probably
alien abduction, like I said before.

Man, you know what I'd love to do...
right now?
Go down to Marie Callender's...
get me a big bowl, pie, some ice cream on it.
Put some on your head...
your tongue would slap your brains out
trying to get to it.