Gods and Generals

...lknown to police in San Francisco
and Los Angeles as Cora Frye...

...changed Ellen Rinbauer's life
one night in August of 1914.

You must build.
What did she tell her?
She said she wouldn't die
until the house was finished.

And Madame S. told her it isn't
finished until you say it's finished.

Until you say.
Ellen took it seriously.
Probably she was right to.

She never had another attack
of her African fever.

Probably psychosomatic.
Probably PMS, right, Em?

I wouldn't be surprised.
A new wing started going up
the next week.

What did her husband say?
She gave him a son in 1909, a daughter
in 1 91 1 . The son was fine and well.

It was the son John Rimbauer cared
about. Ellen could do as she liked.

Would you agree?
Yes. Besides...

...lne had affairs of his own
to tend to.

Ellen made additions to the house
until her disappearance in 1 950.

Over 40 years
of well financed eccentricity.

She hired contractors and architects
to build unconventional stuff.

Such as?
The so called Tower Folly was
conpleted in 1921.

Joln Rimbauerjumped
fron it two years later.

Was it suicide? Or did he run into
something he couldn't deal with?

The certificate said,
"accidental death."

The gossip said suicide or ghosts.
In any case, during its active years,
and they were very active...

...women in Rose Red tended
to turn up missing.

And men tended to turn up dead.
The bad days are over.
Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

Are you sure?

Then what exactly do you want
from us, Miss Reardon?

That'll make things less difficult.
This can be a difficult field.

People don't understand our goals
or refuse to credit our findings.

Some people are actively cruel.
Research goals?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.

My research goals specify
measurable, psychic phenomena.

Hard data. Telemetry readouts and
anomalous energy levels, primarily.

I want readouts that even the most
stupid, sarcastic, obtuse member...

...of this scientific department
will have to accept.

If I get a little crazy on the subject
sometimes, please forgive me.