-Dad, l--
-Don't ''Dad'' me. We had a deal.

You're either in school, or you're at Rivers
Hardware working next to your old man.

Sniffing a little of that lacquer
while you're mixing the paint. Come on!

Obvious perks there.
lt's a good living. lt's a good future.

lt's a good life. l'll tell you that much.
Think about it.

Yeah. Let's go, honey.
Get in there, you little....
Dude, your stepmom is so hot.
See the way she was looking at me?
l was like....
-Good afternoon, Chili N Such.

-Can l scoop for you?
-I'd like chili, Fire in the Hole...

...hotter than hell,
make it meat in the ass.

Hey there.
Hi, l ordered a Tummy-Killer Ranchero...
...and l got a Double-Chunk Gut Bomb
with cheese by mistake.

-l'd like what l ordered.
-Sorry, sir.

-l didn't get that, sir. Could you--?

-Could you repeat that?
-Open your ears, jackass!

Yeah, l see that you already ate
the Gut Bomb, though.

Yeah, but l can't help it that l didn't
figure it out until l'd swallowed it all.

-You really think you need another?

Mr. Knight, let me handle this.
Sir, our policy clearly states every customer
will be served to his satisfaction.

Customer may receive a replacement--
Excuse me, l'll be right with you.

A replacement will be given as long
as he has a receipt. You have one?

All right, that's good.
Give him one of these. You're late, Eric.

You're just a little bit late.
And late is not great.
Do you wanna go to the restroom
before l reload you?

-You want me to call the grownup back?
-You're probably leaking beans.

One big scoop. That's two,
but two is enough. Two is plenty.

Now, let's go over here
and do the cheddar.

Two scoops of cheddar, one scoop
of onion. That's very good, son.