Damn, it smells like roses.
l done farted!
Why you always gotta base
in my face, fool?

Yo, yo, check it.
All right, Kansas,
are you ready to go big?

l knew you knew who l was!
You saw that front cover, baby.

Watch out, son.
Yo, l know you wannabes
are not here to skate!

What's up, white chocolate?
Don't be talking no head, fool.
Red Crip, tell them what's up.

-Yeah, l'm feeling to bust you in your grills.
-Yeah, in your grills, dog!

Our grills?
ls there some sort of barbecue later?

The party is at Rolling Deuce tonight.
lt should be pretty cool.

-Sounds cool.
-She's talking to Matt Ball, dude.

All right, no worries.
l got this under control.

-Hey, how are you?

Eric Rivers,
with the Super Duper Skate team.

That's cute. Super Duper?
-That's great.
-Yeah, it's great.

-You're not registered.
-l'm sure we're on there.

-We're sponsored, so....

l'm sorry. lf you're not preregistered,
you can't skate this event. Next!

No, no. This is our first event as a team,
and we just drove all the way from Chicago.

And l basically kidnapped my best friend,
okay? And blew his only shot at college.

So if you could find some way to make
the list work, we'd be really thankful.

You know what? Tell your sob story
someplace else. We're all full up here.

Let me get in here.
l can't believe they've never heard of Super
Duper Skates. That's a freaking outrage.