Haute tension

Hey Jimmy.
How are ya?

All alone tonight?
Weekends are slow around here.
Yeah, I'm all alone.

So then, everyone took off
and left the shop to you, huh?

Yeah, that's about it.
This place isn't bad for
bringing a girl at night, huh?

Don't tell me you never did it.
My boss wouldn't keep me on
for two minutes
if I brought someone here.

I'll bet.
That you've got ladies stopping here
and ask you for a little service.
You get'em all excited.

Ain't that right, Jimmy?
Well, yeah, I guess so.
What do ya think, Jimmy?

Well, they look real good on you.
They protect you?
From what?

From the sun, Jimmy... from the sun.
Yeah, well, they're sunglasses

so they protect your eyes, sure.
What do I owe ya?
It's 28 bucks.
Y'want the glasses?

No, I m not convinced
but what I could use is
some booze

so how about selling me
a bottle of J&B?