Haute tension

State Police here.

Hello? Hello, police?
Oh I beg of you, help me!

Okay, calm down
and tell me what the problem is.

The Sorals, they have a farm
near Puyanne.

I'm a friend of their daughter

This guy broke in during the night.
He broke in and he murdered everyone!

He took my friend away
in a pickup truck
and I'm really afraid for her.

He just killed the gas station guy.
Gas station?

You're in a gas station?
Which gas station?

Hold on. I'll have a look.
I don't know what station.
I was in his pickup truck.

All I know is it's a very old pickup
brown, old and rusty.

Did you get
the vehicle's plate number?

How could I get the number?
I told you I was inside the truck!

Do you realize how many pickup trucks
there are on the road?

Without a plate number...
Jesus, an old pickup truck

on a country road at this time
of night shouldn't be that hard
to spot, huh?!

Calm down please, ma'am
and tell me where you are.

Listen, this son of a bitch just
took off with her. If you don't send
someone right now

she'll never make it!
I understand, but we can't help you
if we don't know where you are.

If I burn this damn gas station down
maybe you can locate it, huh?!

The keys... they keys...