Head of State

to accept the party's nomination...
for President...
of the United States of America.
Welcome to your campaign headquarters.
These folks will do everything they can
to help you get elected.

These are your people.
Here. Let's take a look at this.
Mark, is that cued up? Roll it, please.
This is a great spot.
If you love America,
vote Mays Gilliam for President.

But I'm not in it.
You don't even see my face.
It's a template.
We'll get you in there eventually.

There's a couple of people
I want you to meet.

This is your security director, Mr. Earl.
- You'll be in good hands.
- Pleased to meet you, sir.

If you're in trouble, yell "Security!"
and my people will handle the situation.

This is your decoy, Mays Junior.
He enters events before you.

If anything'll happen to you,
it'll happen to him first.

Tupac could have used a guy like you.
This is Nicollette White, she's
your executive director of Internal Liaisons.

Call me Nikki.
It will be a pleasure to serve you.

I'm available to you around the clock,
just let me know.

- What does she do?
- She sleeps with you.

We got tired of getting caught up
in sex scandals...

so we commissioned
our own team of super whores.

You call yourself whores!
Move that fat ass! One, two, three!
- These girls are good.
- Good morning, Mays.

I took the liberty of choosing some options
for this evening's fundraiser.

You don't mind, do you?
I'll wear whatever you need me to wear.
What fundraiser is this?

Your coming out party.
Campaigns cost money.

The people you meet tonight
have plenty of it.