Mr. Sir: Undress.
You get two sets of clothes...
one for work,
one for relaxation.

After three days, your
work clothes will be washed,

your second set
becomes your work clothes.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, mr. Sir.

You are to dig one hole
each day...

5 foot deep,
5 foot in diameter.

Your shovel is
your measuring stick.

The longer
it takes you to dig,

the longer you'll be out
in the hot sun.

Sorry, mr. Sir.
You need to keep alert
for lizards and rattlesnakes.

You don't bother them,
they won't bother you...

Being bit by a rattler
ain't the worst thing

that can happen to you.
You won't die, usually.
But you don't want to get bit
by a yellow-spotted lizard.

That is the worst thing
that can happen to you.

You will die
a slow and painful death...

[Door hinges creak]
- Stanley yelnats?
- Yeah?

I just want you to know
that you may have done
some bad things,

but that does not make you
a bad kid.

I respect you, stanley.
Welcome to camp green lake.
I'm dr. Pendanski,
your counselor.

Start that touchy-feely crap,
i'm outta here.

Give him some towels, tokens.
Set him up.

You'll be in "d" tent.
"D" stands for "diligence."
That's the mess hall.

There's the rec room.
And there's the showers.

There's only one knob
'cause there's only
one temperature... cold.

And that's the warden's cabin
over there.

That's the number-one rule
at camp green lake...

do not upset the warden.
Yeah, he seemed kind of...
Oh, mr. Sir?
Oh, he's not the warden.

He's just been in a bad mood
since he quit smokin'.

Hey, mom...
who's the neanderthal?