Now, these fine boys
have been working hard.

Don't you think
it just might be possible

they have taken a drink
since you filled their canteens?

It's possible.
- Oh, it's possible, is it?
- [Chuckles]

You come over here, please.

- Get over there.
- That's right.

Go on. Come on over.
Come on over.

Warden: Now, did you,
by any chance, take a drink

since he filled your canteen?
Oh, no. I'm fine.
I have plenty.

Excuse me?
I might have, uh, drinken some.
Thank you.
May i have your canteen,

Oh, god.
[Water sloshing]
Can you hear the empty spaces?
Yes, i can hear.
Fill it.
If that's too much trouble,
you can grab a shovel,

and caveman here
can fill the canteens.

Armpit! Squid!
Get them wheelbarrows
out of the truck!

Zero, you take over
x-ray's hole.

Caveman will assist you.
We're gonna dig
this dirt twice.

[Engine turns over]
Y'all be good now, you hear?

Get c&f over here.
Get c&f over here!
L'm gonna be a wheel

- come on, boys. Let's see it.
- L'm gonna be somebody

use those muscles.
- Keep it up.
- Then i won't want you

this is a special day.
I got a good feeling
about today.

There you go.
I'm feeling some double
shower tokens, boys.

There'll be steaks
for dinner tonight.

- Keep it up.
- Then i won't want you

you're doing fine!
- No hurry.
- You can cry

we don't want to miss anything.
Mr. Sir:
We don't want to miss nothing.

Keep digging.
- Pick every rock now.
- When i go rolling by

make sure it's a real rock.
- Caveman! Let's go!
- Then i won't want you

hey, how'd she know
my name, man?

Oh, she's got the whole
place wired.

Oh, yeah, she's got
these little, tiny microphones