and cameras
all over the place.

Yeah, she's got 'em
in the rec room.

She's got 'em in the tent.
- She's got 'em in the showers.
- They're not in the showers.

Man, don't listen to him.
I read his file.

It says he suffers
from, um, acute paranoia.

Hey, so that means she watches
me every day, huh?

Man, he says she got cameras
and microphones,

not microscopes.
- [Laughter]
- Get outta here, man.

[Thunder rumbles]
Okay, children, come back
first thing in the morning.

Okay? Rain or shine,
we're gonna have school.

Put your cap on.
Oh, here, take that, louise.
Bye, miss katherine.
See you tomorrow!
Hello, miss katherine.
Hello, sam.
I thought you might
still want some onions.

Thank you.
I can fix that.
Sam, are you gonna try to
tell me now

that your onions are a cure
for a leaky roof?

I'm just good with my hands.
I built my own boat, you know.
I need it to get across
the lake to my onion field.

Well, then, i guess
you'd be in real trouble

if your boat leaked.
I tell you what...
i'll fix that roof

in exchange for three jars
of your spiced peaches.

It's a deal.
[Birds chirping]
Well, miss katherine,
i guarantee that roof
for five years.