Hollywood Homicide

Sweep the arms up,
move your feet to parallel.

Pull your arms back around
behind you.

And then just feel yourself open.
Very good.
Continue that on the other side.
I'll be right back.

- What are you doing here?
- I've got something for you.

- How'd you find me?
- I'm psychic.

- Really?
- No, not really.

I'm a detective, for chrissake.
I didn't know you taught this.
- You make some dough?
- Yeah, I make 20 bucks a head.

- You know, donation.
- Donation? Unreportable?

Twenty times 40...
Eight hundred bucks a whack?

Class, all right, when you're done
with this pose, we're done for the day.

Get back here.
Some racket you got here.
Money and sex.

This is not a racket. These are real
people with real feelings.

They need me. I'm their teacher.
And I need them too.

It's called a symbiotic relationship.
You wouldn't know about that.

Have a good day. Nice practice.
Excuse me, K.C.,
do you give private lessons?

I don't. If you talk to Kimberly,
then we'll set something up.

Okay, thank you.
K.C., thank you. I feel really...
That's a good thing, okay?
See you later.
Great class.
Thanks, Shawna.
Maybe I got into it for the sex.
But it's not about that anymore.
I mean, this spiritual shit...

...there's really something to it.
I mean,
I'm out of my body sometimes, man.

I mean, this stuff really works.
And then these girls come in.
And, I mean, they're everywhere.