Hope Springs

I've always wanted
to visit your fine country.

I hope I have enough American money
for all this.

It's the only kind we accept.
$48 - that's more than enough, isn't it?
- You OK?
- Sorry. I just need some...

- Coloured pastels?
- Sleep.

- For your landscapes?
- I don't do landscapes, just portraits.

You've come all the way from England,
in the fall, with all our beautiful foliage,

to draw faces?
This comes to...
Look at that. $48 exactly.

- You wouldn't know of a good hotel?
- Joanie Fisher usually has rooms.

Now her husband - there's a face
that'll move you on to doin' landscapes.

Battlefield Inn. Straight up that street.
You want to draw
a portrait of Fisher?

- I was just told that his face looked...
- His face looks like road kill.

- But you will ask him?
- I can't wait.

There you go, Mr Ware.
Room 11. One of our best.

It's up the stairs on the left.
Mr Ware, do you have urgent business
to attend to this mornin'?

Why don't you get a few hours' sleep?
Just tell me what time you wanna wake up
and I'll hold all your calls.

There won't be any calls.
I don't know anyone here.

- Maybe a call from England.
- Nobody in England knows I'm here.

Oh, God.
Sorry. I didn't know jet lag could be like
this. I've never had my hair hurt before.