Hope Springs

- Colin, would you like a cup of tea?
- No, I'm fine, thanks.

I can't turn my head.
I'll have to talk to you later.

Should that shadow be coming down
over Fisher's mouth like that?

It's dramatic, Joanie.
Fisher has such fine lips.
I hope they'll show.

They'll be shown to full effect, Mrs Fisher.
Just as soon as we lose that mayonnaise.

I think it's OK to call me Joanie now.
Joanie, let the man work.
So, Roger Pelham?
I was just thinking
of all those times when I picked her up

and I'd sit in the car waiting for her to come
out of the club, watching them come out...

Just trying to remember
what they all looked like, because...

Well, one of the men I used to see
would've been...

Did they have
a kind of glazed expression?

Could they be described as "transfixed"?
See, from what you're sayin' - delirium
and swamis, chants, glazed expressions -

I hate to say it, my friend, but I think
you have lost your good woman to a cult.

Colin, all you have any business
thinkin' about at this point is movin' on.

Maybe folks in England
sit around chewin' on the past,

but over here that ain't done much.