Hope Springs

No, no, Mandy, don't...
No, stop... No, no, don't... Seriously...
Did you do these?
It's Fisher. That's incredible.

- He looks almost...
- Lifelike?

And she's beautiful. Who is that?
I decided I'm going to
put together an exhibition.

Portraits of people in this town.
Might take my mind off things.

I know every face in town,
so if you need a face-finder, I'm your man.

I'm sure you've got better things to do
than to go around looking for faces for me.

- Anyway, coffee.
- Are you happy, Colin?

- Generally speaking, yes.
- Why are you happy?

Probably because we're not
being scraped off the front of a truck.

No coffee for me, thanks.
Can I ask you a question?

Cos you seem like you wouldn't
get mad at me, no matter what I said or did.

- You wouldn't, would you?
- It depends.

I'm gonna do something
I've never done before in my whole life.

I'm gonna close the curtains.
- You've never unbuttoned your blouse?
- Not for this reason.

I've taken off my clothes for other reasons,
obviously, but not for this one.

This one being what, exactly?
When I was little,
whenever I got really happy

I got this uncontrollable desire
to take off my clothes.