How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Ben is a very lucky man.
Excuse me.
Mr. Warren,
please don't tell him.

Please don't tell him.
Ben, Ben.
Hey, hello, gentlemen.
She loves you;
she loves you not.

What-what is it?
l don't know.
We'll see.
Mr. Warren.
Saw her, met her.
She loves you. You win.

Get ready to pitch.
Congratulations, point man.
l'm very proud.
So, you're the new
point man on the DeLauers.

She loves me.
Good for you...
and... good for whoever she is.
Ah, well...
thank you so much.

Oh, you're so very welcome.
Gloating, are we?
Yeah, pretty much.
Warren told us, so...
Yeah, you don't mess
with my man Ben.

Your man Ben
is a cheater.

Mm-hmm. The girl
has known about the bet

from the beginning.
She was playing along
so Ben would win.

Tell him to enjoy his
short-lived, ill-gotten victory.

We're going to talk to Warren.
-Come on...

Remember us?

You know, uh, Warren
is going to come over here
in a minute,

and it would...
it would be so great if you
could just, you know, like,

act like you don't know
anything about the bet.

l mean, if-if you could tell him
that you-you really,
truly love Ben, you know,

and you weren't just,
you know, pretending,

so he would... he would win,
that would be... huge.
So what's the average
Composure reader like?

Spunky, insatiable.
Uppity? You bet.

lf you'll excuse me, Lana,
there is a beautiful
young woman

in a yellow dress
that l must go to.