I Witness

Yeah, yeah, hello?
Hello, Father.
What time is it?

No, no it's okay.
I'll meet you out front.

- Good to see you again, Father.
- And you, James.

One large black coffee, five sugars.
You're going to need it?

- Problems with the union?
- No, worse.

Bueno, gracias.
- Should I be concerned?
- Nah. It's not political.

My men were chasing some thieves,
one jumped from the roof.

The ground gave away under him.
We found a collapsed tunnel
down there.

- Twenty-one bodies and counting.
- Who are they?

Campesinos. The unfortunates.
We think they were digging a
drug runner's tunnel for Valdon.

- It must have, caved in on them.
- Who's handling the investigation?

Detective Castillo.
- Is he honest?
- He's homicide. Not narcotics.

Let him by.