I Witness

With NAFTA the two
of you are in bed together.

His dirt rubs off on your
side of the sheets.

- Give us a minute.
- Sure.

I know you two'll wanna
get your stories straight.

You just love to piss 'em off,
don't you, Jim?

Well... just seems to happen
when I ask direct questions.

I'll talk to him.
Don't bank on anything.

I always said you were
a compassionate guy.

- Relax.
- Champions of human rights my ass.

We can always ignore them,
we did it in China. Joking.

Captain, you can bitch and moan
all you want but this guy's...

not gonna go away.
So cooperate. Let him observe.

You don't have anything
to hide, do you?

If the human rights people point
their finger at the Valdon Cartel...

which they will, then suddenly
everyone pays attention...

to Mexico's request for
more anti-drug funding.

Next thing you know, you're drivin'
around in a brand new Escalade.

Rights Watch fucked
the police in Chiapas.

That's what happens when civilians
get slaughtered in broad daylight.

We got young children,
men, women... oh God...

Enjoying yourself Gringo?
I know who you are.
This investigation is mine.

I don't have to give you shit.
Did any of the bodies
have any slogans painted on 'em?

Any of their hands bound?
This is Tijuana.
We don't have death squads.

- Any of 'em mutilated?
- What are you, deaf?

I told you it's not political.
There are no fingernails missing...

no bullets to the back
of the head, no cigarette burns.

Nobody hung by their neck,
feet or by their dicks. Comprende?

Got it.
Were any of 'em gagged?

I don't have time for this shit.
Detective, did you find any
tools in the tunnel?