I Witness

- That's an observer.
- James Rhodes...

International Rights Watch.
Come this way.
Twenty-four victims.
Ages three months...

to sixty-seven years.
- Cause of death...
- Asphyxiation.

Si. Time of death approximately
sixty hours prior to discovery...

which would place the tunnel
collapse at about six a. M...

on Saturday the third.
What were they doing in that
tunnel? No tools were found.

The tunnel fell down on them
before they started to work.

- But how do you explain the children?
- Lack of daycare, Gringo.

That's the problem with these drug
traffickers. They never offer it.

You said there were
twenty-for bodies.

I counted twenty-seven
at the scene.

Three died from gunshot wounds
near the tunnel entrance.

- They were shot?
- Nine millimeter.

Close range.
How do you explain that,

Oh you always seem to show up
at the right time, Douglas.

Just like Triple A.
So what time do you think it is?
I was wondering if you
could do me a favor.