I Witness

I was hoping you could keep
an eye on James Rhodes for me.

Uh, that's not a favor,
that's an affliction.

He's been investigating that
incident at the border, the...

in the drug tunnel
for the Valdon Cartel.

What exactly is Valdon involvement?
Are we talking fact or spin?

Valdon's a pro, why would
he do such a sloppy job?

I don't know.
Who can see into the minds
of soulless men?

Certainly not me, Douglas.
So, what's the favor?
All I'm asking for is
a phone call, Emily.

Just let me know
if he goes off on a tangent.

Is that all?
Sure you don't want me to
assassinate him or anything?

This is a very delicate time.
I got the cops to back
off on the union demonstrators.

This is gonna cost you.
It already has.
I saw it. Okay? I was there.
I saw everything that happened.

- Your people started the violence.
- They weren't my people.

They were wearing masks. The company
hired them to make trouble for us.

- It's that big thug, Zato.
- Look, all I can do...

is report what I see
and know to be the truth.

You want truth? Here is the truth.
They'll do anything.

Anything to keep the union out.