I Witness

This is not your fight, Gringo.
Fucking priest you should mind
God's business and nothin' else!

Leave the priest alone!
No. No!!
No, I'm tellin' ya, man,
I recognized him, I did,

- He works for Daxmoore,
- Yes. I'm sorry.

- I cannot help you, senior.
- No. Get- get me a line-up!

- Just get...
- You do not wanna push you luck...

with them. They're not
as understanding as I am.

Heard you got your ass kicked
last night. Was it about my case?

No, I just seem to attract
love wherever I go.

I'm telling you my son and his
friend never made it back across...

the border. Now they're down here
somewhere and I want them found!

- We're doing everything we can...
- Anybody claim the campesino's...

- bodies yet?
- No.

- You don't think that's strange?
- No, this is a border town...

you know. They could be from
anywhere in Mexico.

People pass through
here like ghosts.

What if coyotes took the money and
then dropped the tunnel on them?

No witnesses.
The coyotes know Valdon
owns that tunnel.

He shits on people for fuckin'
with his property.

You're beginning to bore me,

You know, Castillo, sometimes
I think you don't...

wanna know what happened.
Maybe you should just go back home.
They have to take you in.