I Witness

It's just a tape recorder.
That cost sixty bucks.
Sixty is cheap, Ese.
Buy a better one next time.

Forgive me.
I didn't get my dinner.

So, you think Valdon
is a disgrace to his country...

that he should be cut
off like a cancer.

Words like that can get a man
in serious trouble.

Honestly I wish I had said it,
but for the record...

they spliced different questions
in front of my answers.

You mean that our delightful
government-controlled media...

used you to put pressure on
Mr. Valdon? You must be very angry.

I can barely control myself.
My name is Enrique Gomez, Jr.
I am an attorney.

One of my clients is very interested
in what you've been doing.

One of your clients, huh?
You represent these guys, too?

Oh no, no, no. I'm just happy
to see them off the streets.

They were vatos from the barrio of
San Diego poppin' each...

other for kicks.
Now they have a purpose.

Well that must make you feel
warm all over.

Let's get to the point,
Mr. Rhodes.

Publicity is what you are all
about, isn't it?

You like to make a lot of noise,
draw the world's attention.

If I'm lucKy.
My client doesn't like publicity.
He did not kill those campesinos.

But even if you figure that out,
you have still plastered his name...

across the headlines, and
that makes these boys very unhappy.