I Witness

You can come out now,
Detective, I won't hurt ya.

What are you doin' here, Rhodes?
Followin' me?

Actually I was out here
earlier this morning.

Come here.
I wanna show you somethin'.

New tires. Good quality.
These people got a truck but their
tires are as bald as my Uncle Billy.

So someone else was here.
Heavy truck.

Could be government vehicle
or labor contractors.

From the looks of these shacks
they got outta here in a hurry.

Why would a contractor come this
far when the city's crawlin'...

- with workers?
- Why take the old people?

And the children?
Man, it's desolate out here.
- See him?
- No.

Get in the car!
- People hunt out here much?
- Just for gringos and dumb cops.