I Witness

I need to talk to you.
Come on in.
The man you identified,
Umberto Zato...

he didn't show up for work tonight.
He's disappeared.

- How rare.
- Logan said he...

doesn't know where Zato is or who
put him up to attack on you.

- You mind if I put on my pants?
- Nah, suit yourself.

I didn't know you
two were having an affair.

Very funny, Douglas.
What are you doing here?

Actually, I was dropping by
to see my old pal.

- I'm gonna put on my pants.
- Don't get dressed on my account.

This is a little awkward.
I suppose I should go.

- Answer a question for me first.
- Yes.

Is Daxmoore trying
to subvert the union?

Of course they are.
- You've known this all along?
- Yes, didn't you?

L... Why didn't you
do anything about it?

I don't have any proof.
Well what would you do
if we found proof?

The workers at Daxmoore didn't have
jobs before the company hired them.

Daxmoore built a factory
and gave them a new life.

You know what happens
if this city unionizes?

The tents come down,
circus leaves town...

and all these people are back
where they started from.

- So you're telling me...
- I'm telling you that...