Honest John.
Milk monitor, prefect...
Would've made Head Boy if I'd stayed on.
Old man put his foot down.
Got to go out in the world, earn a crust.
I don't give a toss
that you did some dodgy perfume

and I'll turn a blind eye to the blow.
But you have to admit the sheltered
accommodation was well out of order.

Don't even start to think of denying it.
I know you did the job.
You know you did the job.

Even my grandma's goldfish knows it.
It's a bit warm, isn't it?
Another tropical September afternoon
in London's East End.

Tell me you did it
and I'll send out for some lollies.

Much better you cough.
Give me a video, a stereo,
two bracelets and a telly.

Fillin the necessaries and in
Half an hour you can be in the boozer

bragging of how
you gave the Bill the run-around.

Do us both a favour, eh?
I need a clear-up and you need a break.
You'll get six months suspended.
You'll be laughing.

You know me. My name is John.
I can be very nice, and I can be very nasty.
Either way I'm having a statement out of you.
Your choice.
(JOHN): Yes!
Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!
Looking for DC Brandon...