Schofield's asked to see you.
Chief Super reckons you're ripe for a job.
I was beginning to think he had it in for me.
Wait 'til you hear what the job is.
(TV): Shadwell Town. 6.9.88, 4:07 pm.
Targets 7 and 8 are named. 20.9.88.
(SCHOFIELD): All the scenes have been recorded
at The Kennel over the past six months.

- Kennel?
- Shadwell fans call their ground that.

- Their nickname's "The Dogs".
- Their bite is worse than their bark.

...6.07 pm.
(SCHOFIELD): We want you
in there with them. By the book.

Day-to- day wack. Dates, times, places, faces.
- I thought we had a squad at Shadwell.
- Word went out on them.

- Our targets will be suss of new faces.
- Your targets will be different.

Someone is organising this lot.
We want generals, not foot soldiers.

David Daley, motor mechanic.
Done 18 months of 4 years for GBH.

Paul Funnell. Done six for manslaughter.
Strangled a bloke with a Union Jack.
Said he did it as a joke.

Wynton Mbula. Got his finger
everywhere - nothing sticks.

Daley, Funnell, Mbula. My money says
it's them pushing the flags on the map.

Why can't we do them
on what you've got there?

They'd be out before the season end.
We want their sentences in years, not months.
We want them on conspiracy.
We want their goolies

pickled on a plate
for the Home Secretary. Got it?

We've got a meeting with the previous team.
- Detective Sergeant in six months.
- Don't got too excited.

One minute you're flying
and the next you're grounded.

I'm no plod. If I don't make Inspector
in five years, I'll try some other game.

Last week I was in court on an arson,