- No, I don't.
- They do up houses.

- Bob's been on holiday.
- Bollocks, I've been inside.

What houses? Here they
knock them down, not do them up.

Down the docks. Being tarted up a treat.
Uncle Bob's a big softie
when you got to know him.

Uncle Bob? Stone me, Lynda,
there's not much family resemblance.

I'm heiress to a pub, mate. You watch yourself.
He's got a wobbler on.
First day out, he invests in
some chairs and tables for outside

and someone's had them off.
What's he like when it's something serious?
(MARIE): There's nothing wrong with
large families, if that's what you want.

I'd like another two. We need
a bigger place, don't we, Eddie?

- It's not the time to look for houses.
- When is?

Either the house is too small
Or the mortgage is too big.

- I'm happy where I am.
- Yeah.

- Charlie's still paying for his ex's place.
- (STEF): She's got her head screwed on.

- And her feet under the table.
- Don't sulk.

Trevor said he'd live in a tent
as long as I was with him.

(ALL): Aaah!
I'm not thinking of kids until I got to Inspector.
- Eh?
- Charlie wishes he'd waited.

- Excuse me a moment.
- Are you checking it's still there?

Won't be long.
- Sorry.
- Contagious, is it?

- (CHARLIE): Midchester tomorrow.
- (JOHN): We'll stuff them.

(CHARLIE): 5-0 at least. Their goalie's crap.
(JOHN): Come on, you Shadwell!