(ALL): Shadwell Army! Shadwell Army!
What were you going to do
had they come in? Offer them a perm?

Trev, look. Trevor.
Look, Trevor.
- (MARTIN): What happened, Trev?
- I took on a busload of Wappers.

- You never!
- That's right, you fucking never.

Alright? State of you
looks like the fun has already started.

Boys and me are off to the home end
to kick some heads in. You on for it?

- Just you lot?
- You're out of your bin.

Last time we went down there,
one got his throat cut.

- If you ain't got the bottle, fine by me.
- I'll come with you.

- Anyone else?
- Trev. You've been fighting all morning.

Thank fuck some Dogs still have teeth.
Us against this lot? We must be fucking mad.
You'll be alright, mate. Stand by me.
This'll show some fucking Wappers.