In America

Listen, don't be upset.
E.T.'s gone to Heaven.

-But they said he went home.
-Well, that's the same thing.

it's not.
I miss things.
What do you miss?
Things.I have no one to play with.
-You have your sister to play with.
-No. She plays with her camcorder.

And I have no one to tell my secrets to.
Christy telis them to her camcorder.
And she won't let me hear what she says.
And you don't play with us anymore.
-I do play with you.
-Not like you used to.

Here you go!
Step right up,
pop the balloon to win a prize.

-Pick a number.

Dad, you can win E.T.!
it's a game of chance. it's as simple as pie.
Just throw the ball
through the hoop seven times...

-and you win E.T.
-Seven times? Is that all?

-Can adults play?

-Simple as pie.
-That's $2.

Keep throwing as long as
you double up your dollars.

lf you win, you get the money back
and any prize you like.

-You get all your money back if you win?
-Yes. And any doll you like.

-That's one.
-Come on, Johnny.