In America

He was really nice,
and he gave us lots of money.

How much does it add up to, Christy?
Two hundred and forty pennies,
twelve nickels, and two dimes.

- How much is that all together?
- $3.20.

- And he had nothing in his fridge?
- Just medicine.

We should invite him over.
No way.
He gives me the heebie-jeebies.
- What is it?
- It's called colcannon.

It's potatoes mixed with curly kale.
Right. Plates, please.
Thank you.
Wow! That means you're gonna be rich.
Halloween is called the Day of Ancestors.
When the dead come back,
you hear their voices.

How do you hear them?
You hear their voices
through the men dancing.

What do they say?
They complain.
"You don't pay attention to me.
"You don't feed me.
"I'm hungry."
Are they ever happy?
When they're happy,
you never hear from them.