In the Cut

That student of yourshas been taken in for questioning.
The police found his term paperillustrated in blood.
That's a little weird, isn't it?You want some tea?
I have to go out.
Actually, the real reasonthat I'm here is because...
...I thought I should tell you that I'mgonna call Pauline and ask her out.
Did I ever tell you that my mother...
...used to dress mein girls' blouses?
Yes, I think you did.
-So do you think it's a good idea?-What?
About Pauline. I thinkit's a good idea, but, you know....
Then again,I hardly know her at all.
I don't think Pauline will sleepwith you, if that's what you're thinking.
You're right.You're right. What--?
What am I thinking?She's worse than you are.
Have sex with me?I must be out of my fucking mind.
Will you have sex with me?
Shit! I'm out of my fucking mind.Will you have sex with me?
Thinking back on the courseOf my passion
I was like one blindUnafraid of the dark