It Runs in the Family

Look over my right shoulder.
Look over my left shoulder.
Very good.
You know, Mr Gromberg,
you're not gonna want to hear this,

but for a man of your age,
less than year after a stroke,

you are in remarkable shape.
My damn ticker - boom, boom,
boom, boom - a mile a minute.

Well, your cardiogram
showed no abnormalities.

Blood pressure high?
Your blood pressure?
Better than mine.

- How about my liver?
- Your liver's holding up perfectly.

- Kidneys?
- Fine.

- What about this?
- What?

What? This?
That's dry skin, Mr Gromberg.
It's not cancer.

Say, "Ah".
So, are you still seeing
your speech therapist?

No. She talks worse than I do.
Well, I hate to tell you this,
Mr Gromberg,

but it looks like
you still have a few good years left.

A few good years?
How do you know?
Do you talk to the man upstairs?

Hey, Gromberg,
what's that supposed to be?

A sensei.
- A what?
- A sensei. A karate sensei.

Oh, yeah? Has your karate guy
ever seen a pair of these before?

Morning. I'd like you to join me
in welcoming back your classmate,
Abigail Staley.

Most of you have known her
since kindergarten.

Is there something you'd care to
share with us, gentlemen?

So, no matter what you've heard
over the last couple of months,

I know that you will be
kind and considerate.