Kangaroo Jack

- Think I got a way out.
- You don't even know where that goes. No!

We can do this.
You can stay here if you want.
I'm going down that chute!

I love you, Mama!
- Not over here.
- Where'd they go?

We lost them. Standing by
for further instructions. Over.

Anything else you'd like me
to help you with today?

No, that's pretty much it.
In what police are calling
one of the largest seizures of stolen goods...

... in the history of New York City...
... thieves inexplicably led police to a treasure
trove of stolen cars, furs, paintings...

Louis Booker, you degenerate moron.
Were these Medieval times
and you a knight in shining armor...

...you would, I have no doubt,
slay the maiden and save the dragon.

- Sal, if we could explain...
- As for you, Charlie...

...after the tragic death of your father...
...I married your mother, promising her
I would raise you as my own.

You chose not to take the Maggio name.
I did not complain.

And when you wanted
to go to beauty school...

...as boys who lose their fathers
early in life often do...

...I did not snivel at your intentions, did I?
- No, Salvatore, you did not. In fact...
- In fact...

...I bought a beauty parlor
so you could sit on your lazy butt all day.

Four and a half million you cost me.
Were you anybody else,
you'd be dead by now.

- Sal, we understand that you're upset.
- It's not your fault.