La Fleur du mal

- I think we drew a blank there.
- You never know.

- Shall I ring again?
- Never!

I feel like I'm begging.
The others do it so we have to.
Poor us!
Here we are.
Jules Labière. Your admirer.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
That's a good start!
The poorer they are,
the meaner the dogs.

Don't panic...
What is it?
It's about the elections.
You've heard?

Anne Charpin-Vasseur,
your town councillor, is here.

Open the damn door!
Come in!
Thérèse, lock that runt up!
Sit down, please.
Well, you got
your third-floor apartment...

I should hope so too.
I waited long enough.

You're happy now?
It's better than the ground floor
with all the kids
dirtying up the windows.

A pity the boiler starts up
every three minutes.

I know. The boilers
are on my programme.

The real problem is the bastards
who cause trouble.

The neighbourhood
has improved though.

Yes, that's true.
But there aren't any benches.
If you're out for a walk
and your legs get wobbly,

you've only got your thumb
to sit on.

Note that about the bench,

Why didn't they think of it?
This is Mr Lartigue,
my right-hand man
and running mate.

He's a highly competent jurist.
Have you noted the bench?
and top priority for the boiler.

The elections are next Sunday.
You must come and vote for me.
And for Mr Lartigue.