La Pelota vasca. La piel contra la piedra

and that can actually
unhinge their personality,

and thus generate hatred
and violence.

Journalist and writer
threatened by ETA

We have feelings too.
We're not nationalists, but
we have feelings of social justice.

People move us
more than landscape
and language and the earth.

The day when,
in Lekeitio or Zubieta,

people eat hamburgers
and listen to American rock

and wear American clothes,
and give up their language
to speak English,

and, instead of looking
at the mountains,

are using the Internet,
for us, that world will be so boring
it won't be worth living.

Our daughter is going to marry
a South African,

our cousin will be oriental,
our children's children
will be a mixture of whatever.

Maybe that will teach us a lot
and we'll break down barriers.

I want that to happen.
I want to be Basque,
but not as I'm told to be

by one group or another.