La Pelota vasca. La piel contra la piedra

it would be the greatest monument
in Europe today,

greater than
all the monuments made of stone.

We now know
that cave paintings

are more widespread
than we believed.

What undoubtedly exists
is a particularly rich
Franco-Cantabrian nucleus.

President of the Basque
Nationalist Party (PNV)

The fact that
a small country like this

has maintained certain genetic,
serological characteristics

for thousands of years
doesn't suppose
superiority or inferiority.

What it does suppose
is the coexistence
of a people for thousands of years

and the creation of habits,
of culture, of language, etc.

General Secretary of the Young
Socialists of the Basque Country.

Victim of an attack by ETA
in which he lost a leg.

I got up as usual,
I got in the car,

I was thinking about
what I had to do

and organizing my day's work,
Just as I was leaving a roundabout
my car exploded.

I knew immediately
that it was an attack by ETA.

I'd always felt
that it could happen to me.

I looked at myself,
I had a lot of
injuries but I was in one piece.

I got out of the car but I couldn't
walk because my legs hurt so much,