Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches

no, it is I who will decide it
no, it's me
no, it's me
not you, it's me
no, it's me

it's me. not you
are you making a film?
Gardar! wait!
are we familar with each other? what the hell are you going to do?

nothing, just have a chat
you won't chat with me, will you?

no, go back to your home
this's not what you can play
you're too old to do this

I hate you!
ok, I'm apologized.
if you would like to play, come back tomorrow

tomorrow, I will play cards
he cann't come!
whom does he consider himself to be?

if I would like to fall in love, I will do it, right?
good. straight your back
Vinonic! it seems I am 20 years older

well done. control your buttocks
that's right! look at the measure machine!
what about websit?
registry is ok

what did you write?
I wrote: a beautiful and salt young woman
is looking for a handsome and salt young man
"ungly weak-minded and of a kind men stop!"