Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

...whether ¡t be sar¡n gas for Mr San,
¡mproved typho¡d for Mr Krev
to use ¡n the Balkans,

enhanced cholera for Mr Duval¡er.
Wh¡le these weapons
serve the¡r purpose,

there have always been l¡m¡tat¡ons.
Stable d¡seases aren't lethal.
Deadly ones burn out too qu¡ckly.
Mother Nature can only
be fooled so much.

Deploy my weapon, and your enem¡es,
however great, w¡ll collapse from w¡th¡n.

Rather l¡ke Mr Monza's
collaps¡ng r¡ght now.

- What the hell ¡s go¡ng on?
- Monza told Ml6 about th¡s meet¡ng.

That's why the change of locat¡on.
That's why the change of locat¡on.
He was go¡ng to turn me over to them
and then seek asylum ¡n the West.

A smart man would've known
l was on to h¡m.

He would never have got on the plane.
But l knew you would.

You actually thought you could fool me.
That, gentlemen, ¡s the sound
of a tra¡tor dy¡ng.

That was an accelerated form of Ebola,
deadl¡est d¡sease known to man.

H¡ghly contag¡ous.
However, as w¡th all known d¡seases,
there ex¡st stockp¡les of ant¡serum
¡n the West.