Les Invasions barbares

It's called riding the dragon.
-Good morning.

It smells. Have you been smoking?
-Not on your life. I light a candle and meditate.

Where's your IV?
-Dr Levesque had it removed.

Good morning, my doctresses.
Take a deep breath.
Does it hurt here?
-Oh, yes.

And here too?
-There too, yes.

Is it unbearable?
-Goodness, no!

You're in high spirits.
-Couldn't be higher!

How do you sleep?
-Like a baby.

Then I won't prescribe painkillers.
Forget it!
-That's wonderful.

I always say, the longer
they stay lucid, the better.

I plan to remain lucid till I die.
Wonderful, Mr Paranteau.
-Thanks so much, Dr. Dube.

I'm not Dr. Dube.
-How fitting, because I'm not Mr. Parenteau.

Who's he?
So it all started
with Maria Goretti.

Exactly. The girl who said, No!
-Which one was Maria Goretti?

A Portuguese peasant.
-Portuguese? Santa Maria Goretti!

She was Italian?
-From Nettuno.

Portugal, that's Fatima, the apparitions,
the Virgin, the shepherds.

The secret of Fatima.
-Which only the Pobe could hear.