Can you draw a cross mark for me?
How is it? Not bad,huh?
There're so "Many"!
Please open the trunk.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Dad,I like this dress.
I like it too.
Walk around,let me look at it.
You look very beautiful.
Buy it for me!
Maria,this dress is not cheap.
I want it ! Dad.
If you think it's too expensive,
We have some designs of last year,they will be cheaper.
How about I pay a part of the money first,
and pay the rest part tomorrow,okay?
No problem.
But you can't take away the dress now.
You must keep it for me.
Of course.
That's what I've done.
You consent to pay 2000 zloty for a dress?
That's her first communion service.
There's only 1 time in people's life.
And we don't have no money.
Just short of some.
What about dinner?
Can't we ask our relatives to pay for it?