Liegen lernen

You know the Russians are
practically on our doorstep.

They're in Thuringia, in Saxony,
right under our noses.

Some youths let the Russians
do whatever they want.

So, have you been
to one of these demonstrations?

- No.
- Good! I hope you stay that way!

What about girlfriends?
Have you got any?
- No, but I'm trying.
- Great!

Dear students.
The election will be held
the following way:

...two committees. Committee A...
- New.

...and B.
- It's worthless!

The committees will
present their platforms.

Then the election will be held.
It's a secret ballot.

Now that everyone
is finally here...

we may begin.
Dear fellow students!
Modern civilization has the means
to destroy itself 100 times.

Why doesn't the West
take the first step...

towards a world
without nuclear weapons...

giving up the Pershing II
and Cruise missiles?

Species diversity is dropping.
Acid rain is destroying
our forests.

And then there is the so-called
peaceful use of nuclear power...

but Harrisburg
was only the beginning.

Next time it could happen
in Biblis or Kr├╝mmel.

We cannot stick
our heads in the sand!

Which is, by the way,
full of cadmium.

If I win the election, I'll back the
formation of groups of students...

to address these problems.