Liegen lernen

I found a little apartment.
I spent a whole year holed up
in there, just watching TV.

The diplomatic mission
from West Germany...

was rushed today by
several East Berliners...

seeking permission to go to
the West Side. They waited in vain.

We're closed right now.
Seek information in the media.

East Berlin manifested its hope
for a stable relationship.

- Haven't you got any change?
- I don't, I'm sorry.

I don't have change for this.
You could say "keep the change".
Should I stay here until
I've used up 500 marks...

or shall we have a coffee?
Doing nothing. That's the secret.
That's how you meet
the most incredible women.

- What do you do for a living?
- I'm a sports writer.

- Cool.
- I'm Gloria. Tell me about you.

- Tell you what?
- Everything.

Britta would be impressed
seeing me with someone like her.

- Hello?
- Helmut!

- Something awful happened!
- What?

What was your uncle like?
He was a smelly,
inconvenient bastard.

A hypocritical,
oppressive son of a bitch.